The Beautiful {Emily}

This shoot was Emily is just a blast to be around. She is so beautiful, smart, witty, and silly. Not to mention she is horse crazy (another win in my book) and is turning into quite an accomplished young rider. The horse she rides, William, is equally as beautiful (albeit a little chubby- but he says somethings can’t be helped!) and Emily is head over…

Independence Day

I hope that everyone had as wonderful of a holiday as I did. We spent the day swimming and cooking out with family and ended the day with a great fireworks display and a gorgeous full moon. Here are a few pictures from the fireworks display and of the gorgeous moon. Stay tuned for some really awesome shoots coming up. Including, sunflower fields, bubbles,…

Kate and Connor

Meet Kate and Connor: Kate is one of the sweetest and prettiest (Inside and out) people you will ever meet. Ever. And Connor is just too cute for words. This was without a doubt a “Connor led shoot” but- he must have a pretty good eye for these things because it turned out well 🙂 Enjoy…….

Fairy Princess

I know I may be a bit partial on this one, but this is truly the cutest fairy princess I’ve ever seen 🙂 

Milli and Duckie

Somehow I managed to actually get a few pictures in with these 2 high energy pups this afternoon. Between the rainstorm that was rolling in on us and Millie and Duckie deciding to take off over to the neighbors for a quick visit, it was certainly an entertaining shoot to say the least. But then again, they always are aren’t they? Enjoy! ~Bri

Daniella and Vision

Meet Daniella and Vision. Vision is one of the most happy go lucky horses you will meet. Ever. He is just 5 years old and Daniella got him straight off the track about a year ago. It is so nice to see the bond developing between them. They are off to their first horse show in a week. Stay tuned…..

Special Introductory Promotion

We are offering a special introductory price to the first 10 people who book a session with us. This applies for any type of session you desire to book at any local location. The price for this session will be $50.00. This is 50% less than normal. Take advantage of this great offer and book today!! I look forward to hearing from YOU! ~Briana


Hi, and welcome to Captivate Photography. First of all, thank you for visiting this sight. This is very much a work in progress. Check back soon for more information about us, promotions, and special features.  Thanks, Briana

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