The {Hudson} Family

You might remember this beautiful family from their maternity photos, Coming Soon x2, . Well obviously the beautiful Molly and handsome Jack have arrived and are growing so fast. And Laura continues to be superwoman.. Dave is currently deployed off fighting for our freedom, major thanks as always, and Laura is back working full time in a high stress job. Some how she manages to hold everything together and make it seem easy. 5 kids, 2 being newborn babies, a full time job, dogs, everything and still manages to look beautiful. Superwoman I tell you. It was great to get to see Annabelle, Hannah, and Kiera  again and they got to meet the horses and ride like I promised them last time! 🙂 Can’t wait to see these guys again. Before we know it Jack and Molly will be celebrating their first birthday! ❤ Bri


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