Baby Bear {Is Finally Here!!!}

Do you guys remember this really adorable couple that I did their maternity pictures back in October?


Yeah, well they had their adorable little baby boy. And boy is he precious. I just adore this couple. They are so fun and Bear is just so precious, and sweet, and cuddly! Amy, and I instantly hit it off because she is probably one of the few people who has a sense of humor quite like mine. And, Nate, he is just super cool too. Together, they are so perfect for each other. One of those couples that you can just tell are destined to be together. You can just tell by the way they look at each other how in love they are. It is so sweet! ❤ And their love of Bear is so precious. You can just tell he has come right into their world and stole their hearts (not without bringing his share of drama no doubt). These were such fun pictures for me to do. I can’t wait to watch this handsome little man grow. Stay tuned for more of him and his epic cuteness in the future! ❤ Bri

062 (1 of 1) 004 (1 of 1) 006 (1 of 1) 014 (1 of 1) 026 (1 of 1) 028 (1 of 1) 032 (1 of 1) 035 (1 of 1) 042 (1 of 1) 048 (1 of 1) 055 (1 of 1) 057 (1 of 1) 059 (1 of 1) 061 (1 of 1)

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