Ketchup Is A Type Of Dip Too!!! {Erin & Sydney}

Erin and I have been friends for many years….I’m talking mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnny years here. We have grown up together, and some how through it all we have managed to stay close. Her daughter Sydney is 5 years old and little Miss Personality. She is so funny and precocious and one of Hailey’s closes friends (even if she does call her Cindy) watching them play together is so awesome, I can only hope Hailey and Sydney will be as close and Erin and I are as they grow up. I was more than happy to do Mommy & Me pictures of these 2 beauties, and had as much fun as I knew I would with them. Sydney is destined for greatness one day and was so easy to capture. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did taking them. Stay tuned for more of these 2 in the future. I can promise they will be in more pictures, I know where they live 😉 <3Bri

091 (1 of 1) 002 (1 of 1) 006 (1 of 1) 007 (1 of 1) 012 (1 of 1) 013 (1 of 1) 017 (1 of 1) 024 (1 of 1) 027 (1 of 1) 031 (1 of 1) 037 (1 of 1) 041 (1 of 1) 045 (1 of 1) 053 (1 of 1) 056 (1 of 1) 059 (1 of 1)

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