CCMS Football!

Let me start this by saying I know nothing, and I mean NOTHING about football. That is, unless you count that in my mind the object of the sport is to hunker down, stare each other in the face, and then on the count of three run and attack the person in front of you as hard as you can. Oh, and somewhere in there is some oblong shaped ball getting thrown around from one person to the next like hot potato. That’s about all my knowledge of football, incorrect as it may be. So, at the request of a friend from high school (who happens to be the coach) I set off towards parts of Moore County I didn’t even know existed to photograph the guys from Cranes Creek Middle School in their last game of the season at North Moore High School. Did I mention that it was freezing cold…I’m talking cold, like in the 40’s with wind and a light misty rain. Miserable weather. So there I stand, clicking away and shuffling up and down the side lines trying to predict where these guys were going next in a sport that I don’t understand at all, in the freezing cold. I still don’t understand the sport at all, I mean none. But, I had a blast with them…these are some really funny kids and are a blast to be around. The won the game by a landslide, which resulted in Coach Frye getting the cooler of water dumped on him…it was hysterical but oh man, I can’t imagine how cold he was….then he had to ride all the way home on a bus like that. Man, I’m pretty sure he should win the sportsmanship award for that one. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did shooting them. It was a comical and entertaining day to say the least. <3Bri


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