Baby Bear {Coming Soon}

I am so far behind on my blogging that it is now Amy’s due date with Barrett (Bear). He has apparently decided that hibernating is awesome and he doesn’t want to come out yet. I think he missed the memo that we all are dying to meet him. Amy and Nate are awesome and hysterical. I had so much fun with these two. We laughed, cut up, and had a blast. It was a typical photoshoot with me, nothing short of dramatic haha. I got attacked by cobwebs while trying to climb up in the rafters of an old barn (because that’s a totally normal thing to do right?), Amy got stuck in a giant pile of sawdust, and Nate got sawdust thrown in his face! Oh, and lets not forget my flat tire that in turn blew up in my poor husbands face while Amy, Nate, and I were sneaking on to a golf course (the things we do to get the good shot! Sheesh!) Needless to say this was a fun shoot. Stay tuned because any day now I will be posting pictures of the adorable Bear. As soon as he decides to come out of hibernation that is! 🙂 <3Bri


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