Common Questions And Misconceptions About Photo Sessions Answered!! :-)

Have you been thinking about scheduling a session but are totally overwhelmed with where to get started? I figured I would take this chance to answer some of the most common questions I get asked about setting up a session. Hopefully this will help those of you who are sitting on the fence about booking a session and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask! Enjoy! 🙂

1.) I really want to get some family pictures but I am not photogenic and I’m so awkward in front of a camera.

OK, first of all. This is not the type of photo session you suffered through growing up at Sears or Walmart. There will be no sitting in front of the camera, tilting your head one way or another, and on 3 saying cheese. I don’t even do my sessions in a studio. These are pictures of you and your family (regardless if your family consist of other people or pets!) spending time together and being YOU! I want your personality to come out in these sessions. If you are silly and goofy I want to see it. My sessions are laid back and fun. I am seriously goofy and I like to have fun. There is nothing uptight about me or my sessions. We will laugh (often at something graceful I just did on accident), joke, smile and have a blast. I PROMISE. And you will look amazing and natural in your pictures because that is what you will be. No forced posed smiles. I promise!

2.) I have no idea what to wear?

First of all, what are you most comfortable in? Are you a blue jeans and boots type of person or are you in love with that little dress and strappy heels? You want to wear something that is going to make you look your best and the most like you. If your wearing something that is totally out of your element you will feel uncomfortable in it and that will reflect in your pictures. I usually recommend at least 2 outfits for your session. Both ones that you are comfortable in and reflect your personality and style, however- make sure they are very contrasting in their look. In other words, not 2 different pairs of jeans and a different colored shirt.

If you are doing family pictures, I recommend wearing an outfit(s) that coordinates with each other but not all stepford-like. I don’t recommend the whole family wearing jeans and blue sweaters or something of that sort. But, blue jeans and different (but coordinating) sweaters works great.

Other tips on what to wear- accessories really make your pictures stand out. Ex- cute funky jewelry, head bands, hair accessories, scarves, hats, etc.

3.) I really want pictures of my kids but they don’t sit still at all and they can be really wild.

Guess what, I don’t sit still either! I can run around with your kids and get some great shots! I have a 3.5 year old little girl, she has more energy than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life. I am more than used to getting amazing shots while on the move. Truth be told, these are my favorite shots and will probably be yours too. These are the ones that will get your child’s personality the best. That smile that warms your heart so much that you see when playing with your little one at the park….yeah, your not going to get that by making them sit and pose. But- you will get it by playing with your kid during the session. And, I can promise you- the session that you think isn’t going well because your kid won’t sit still will get some amazing images. Especially if you just relax and set off playing with your kids during the shoot. Remember, the more relaxed that you are during the session the more relaxed they will be.

4.) I really want to do a family session, but my husband hates posing for pictures.

I am married to one of those guys too. We have been known to fight (with him digging his heels into the dirt, kicking and screaming) the whole way to some of our family sessions. He hates taking pictures, he hates the idea of pictures, he hates all of it. BUT- he ADORES the pictures of his family on the wall. Each time we have done it he has complained the whole time and when he sees the finished product he has been so glad he did it. I can assure you your man will be the same way. I don’t know too many husbands that are jumping up and down to have family pictures done. Ladies, that is way more our department than theirs. But again, these aren’t your typical posey pose pictures. He will be interacting with his lady and kids (if you have any!) throughout the session, not awkwardly starring at my goofy self holding a camera!

5.) I don’t have any idea where to do my session at.

If you have an idea of what type of look your are looking for in your pictures that will give me an idea of where to do your session at, and we can discuss it and figure out the perfect location for your shoot. Don’t worry- I know LOTS of epic locations!!! If you have no clue what type of look your wanting in your photos, not to worry. I can help you figure that out too and from there we will find the perfect location for you! And don’t forget, we can always shoot at more than one place too!! So don’t hesitate to let me know if there are a couple of different looks you want for your photos. We can make it all work, I promise! And it will be AMAZING! 🙂

I think that is enough for tonight. And again, any other questions or misconceptions about sessions please feel free to comment them here or send them to me in an e-mail at or on my facebook page at: I look forward to hearing from YOU! ~Bri~

The end of a beautiful day….

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