The American Dream {The Hyland Family}

I knew going into this session that it was going to be special. Nate and Leah have been good friends of mine and Kevin’s since around the time we got married, and Ava is one of Hailey’s best friends. Leah and I were pregnant together and the girls are only 10 days apart in age. They have a blast playing together and we have a blast hanging out. It’s a perfect combination. I have been promising Leah I would do their family pictures for so long, since way before I even started Captivate Photography, it’s taken forever, but we finally made it happen and it was more than worth the wait. Getting everyone in the same place at the same time was quite the challenge, and anyone familiar with boys knows all too well what they are like….in other words, standing in front of a camera = pure evil torture, but randomly beating up your brother = pure bliss.  They were certainly entertaining and little Miss. Ava is determined to keep up with her brothers in every way possible. She is the perfect mix of girly girl and tomboy. It has been such a joy watching this family grow and develop together and I am so proud to call them my friends. I hope you enjoy the pictures of this beautiful family as much as I enjoyed taking them! ❤ B

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